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Foenix Coding LTD returns to the Interpack Fair

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April 19, 2023

The Interpack fair is one of the largest trade fairs in the world focused on the packaging industry. Held every three years in Düsseldorf, Germany, it brings together professionals from across the globe to showcase the latest innovations, trends, and technologies in the packaging sector.

One of the companies that will be exhibiting at the Interpack fair is Foenix Coding LTD, a leading manufacturer of batch coding printers for all industries. With a stand located in Hall B, stand H59, the Foenix Coding team is excited to present their newest coding printer, the FX ONE PLUS.

The FX ONE PLUS is the latest addition to Foenix's line of coding printers, and it is designed to provide businesses with an efficient and cost-effective solution for their batch coding needs. Featuring an extremely flexible setup with the touch screen and advanced printing technology, the FX ONE PLUS can handle a wide range of printing applications, including barcodes, logos, and personalised text.

One of the FX ONE PLUS's distinguishing features over other coding printers on the market is its distinctive ink system management, placing control of the real cost per print in the hands of users. The software displays the cost per print, making it easy for users to adjust their settings to meet the demands of each situation promptly and efficiently. With a simple touch of a button, users can easily switch between different printing modes, change settings, and adjust print parameters. Additionally, the FX ONE PLUS is equipped with a wide range of connectivity options, including USB, Ethernet, and Bluetooth, making it easy to integrate into any production line or enterprise environment.

At the Interpack fair, the Foenix Coding LTD team will be showcasing the new FX ONE PLUS printer, highlighting its capabilities and benefits for companies in a range of industries. Visitors to the Foenix Coding booth will be able to see first-hand how this new batch coding printer can help them streamline their production processes, reduce costs, and improve product quality.

But the Interpack fair is not just about showcasing new products and technologies. It is also an important opportunity for companies to network, build relationships, and gain insights into the latest industry trends and challenges. At the Foenix Coding stand, visitors will be able to connect with experts from the company, as well as other industry professionals, to discuss the issues facing their businesses and explore potential solutions.

In addition to exhibiting at the Interpack fair, Foenix Coding is also planning to participate in a number of events and activities throughout the week, including panel discussions, workshops, and networking events. These events will provide an opportunity for Foenix Coding to share their knowledge and expertise, as well as learn from other leaders in the packaging industry.

Overall, the Interpack fair is an important event for businesses in the packaging industry, and Foenix Coding is proud to be a part of it. With the launch of their newest coding printer, the FX ONE PLUS, and a team of experts on hand to provide guidance and support, Foenix is well positioned to make a significant impact at the fair and beyond. So, if you're planning to attend the Interpack fair, be sure to stop by the Foenix Coding LTD booth in Hall B, stand H59, to see all its printers and learn more about how they can benefit your business.

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Foenix Coding LTD returns to the Interpack Fair

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