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Large character printer up to 72mm print height. The perfect alternative to expensive, complex and limited labelling systems.

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The smart way to save on label printing

The FX ONE Plus large character inkjet printer puts the user in control of cost per print for label printing.

The Windows based software was especially designed with label printing in mind, an area where controlling the cost per print is paramount. By printing directly onto boxes instead of using labels, the cost efficiency increases dramatically.

The FX ONE Plus offers further integration flexibility and can link with databases, allows full remote control by existing production management software and offers full networking capability including WiFi.

Designed for low cost coding and marking on to cartons and boxes, a true alternative to a label printer. No need for complicated startup and shutdown procedures. Simply switch off the machine at the end of the day and on again the next.

In addition to cartons, you can print on papers, wood, fabric, EPS, foam, concrete, etc...

Huge cost savings by replacing labels and pre-printed packaging by high resolution printing directly onto cartons – ideal for boxes, sacks, trays, wooden pallets and others

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Shared Technology

The FX ONE Printers are built in a modular way using very few components.

FX ONE parts are 100% interchangeable, being used in similar machines and similar models.

The only difference between the models is the location of the print head. The FX ONE Standard has the print head incorporated in the control unit and the FX ONE Remote & FX ONE Plus have a remote print head connected to the control unit with a flexible conduit.

shared technology
FX ONE Standard

FX ONE Standard

The smart solution for high

resolution package printing

High resolution printing directly onto cartons, trays

and sacks on a production line to eliminate the need

for costly pre-printed packaging or expensive labels.

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FX ONE Remote

FX ONE Remote

The smart alternative

to CIJ printing

The FX ONE Remote inkjet printer is one of the lowest cost

per code and lowest maintenance small character printers available.

It offers a real alternative for coding your products.

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