Stop spending a fortune on ink catridges & maintenance contract! Foenix printers deliver the industry's lowest running costs & lowest cost per print

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The new FX ONE inkjet printer is one of the lowest cost per code and lowest maintenance small character printers. It offers a real alternative to code your products.

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The best alternative to CIJ printing

The FX ONE Remote has been designed as a very simple ink jet printer but with the ability to print from one to eight lines of code and input your own font styles and graphics.

The FX ONE Remote provides a real alternative to complex CIJ printers at a very affordable price:

  • Lowest cost per print on the market
  • High Resolution printing
  • Designed for Zero maintenance
  • Flexible, allowing print in any direction
  • Multi line printing at no extra cost
  • Does not require additional make-up solvent

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Lid printing
Modular inkjet coder

Perfect for extrusion & web-fed applications

The FX ONE is a modular inkjet coder for industrial use. It is ideal for marking extrusions, printing on webbing and other industrial applications.
The FX ONE Printer is programmed for continuous repeat printing at defined intervals on an extrusion line.

Get total control for repeat printing across a web of material. Multiple FX ONE printers can be mounted across a web to print identical or different messages. The Touch Controller mounted remotely can be connected to an encoder or any type of device for print activation.

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Easy Installation & Operation

The FX ONE Remote printer can be easily fitted in most machines or limited spaces.

Print both sides of your product but only use one Touch Controller. Whether you are printing two sides of a box or both sides of a larger product, having a single controller simplifies the inputting of the messages by the operator. Easily print identical or different messages on both sides of the product.

A large colour graphic Touch Screen and WYSIWYG display combined with pictorial action keys makes message editing and programming really easy.

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Box printing
Auto shutter

Consistent print performance

An auto shutter on the print head ensures the print remains perfect in continuous or intermittent applications and harsh environments, without operator intervention.

This shutter can be manually or automatically closed during periods of non-use of the FX ONE. When the shutter is closed it gives better protection to the print head against physical damage and ink drying inside the print head.

Better protection against hostile environments:
The shutter-open-time can be as short as 5 seconds. This means that the shutter will be open for only 5 seconds, during the printing. Immediately after, it will close and protect the printhead against draft, humidity, dust and other contamination in the air.

Clean ink management for perfect printing

The easy-flow oil or solvent based ink is in a sealed ink cartridge to ensure no waste, no contamination and no mess. Replacing the cartridge takes seconds while still printing.
The printer can be programmed for auto purging and cleaning giving 100% uptime.

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Ink cartridge
FX APP Software

Full integration capability

The Foenix FX APP Software suite gives full integration capability for networking printers, accessing databases, creating messages off line, connecting to industrial scanners, bar code readers, verifiers and other production equipment.
Message selection can be manual or secure using a bar code reader.

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A new generation of

maintenance free ink jet printers

high resolution
High Resolution Coding & Marking

1 to 8 lines of print, with 2-18mm print height.

True type font
True Type Font & Unicode

Enables message creation in any font and in any language

Graphics, Logos & Barcodes

Easily import JPEG, PNG & BMP graphics using the FX App.

1D & 2D Barcodes

High resolution printing of 1D and 2D barcodes (QR Codes – data matrix) to include variable data.

Touch controller
Touch Controller

Simple interactive windows programming with FX App. Reliable printing in one click.

Pc Connectivity

Via USB cable, RS485 or Ethernet for direct message creation or factory network system.

Multi Port Connection
Multi Port Connection

For encoders, external alarms and alternative product detection devices.


Manage multiple printers from one place. Monitor progress, track faults and gain insights with print analytics.

Out of the box
Out of the Box Installation

With minimal components for maximum reliability.

2 Years Warranty*

Extended warranty available
*Terms and conditions apply

Large solvent based ink cartridge
Large Oil Based Ink Catridge

Low cost coding and clean inking system, ideal for printing on to porous surfaces.

Ink saver mode
Ink Saver Mode

Reduce ink consumption by up to 75%

FX APP Software

FX logoAPP SoftwareFor all your product coding application

Networking & print analytics

Simple interactive windows programming

Availability on PC & 7" Touch screen controller

Multi language support

Full integration with our DLL

Advanced printer management

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Technical Specifications

Technical specifications



  • Prints in any orientation
  • 1 to 8 lines of print
  • 2mm- 18mm total print height
  • High resolution peizo print head
  • Prints text, graphics, logos and barcodes
  • Prints time and multiple date formats
  • Continuous repeat print capability
  • 100m/min print speed (50m/min for barcode and 2mm text)
  • Single start/stop print button
  • Visual alarm indicator including ink low
  • Message width, delay and print direction control
  • Product detection photocell
  • Weight 1.7 Kg (excluding ink catridge and brackets)
  • Size 242 x 178 x 90mm

Foenix Coding Ltd continously improves products and software. Specifications are subject to change.

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  • RS232 and RS485 for Sauven Touch controller
  • USB-A memory stick included
  • USB-B for cable connection
  • Ethernet (optional)
  • Prints text, graphics, logos and barcodes
  • I/O port for encoder, alarm beacon and external photocells


  • Sealed replaceable ink catridge (up to 15 million characters)
  • oil based inks for porous surfaces
  • Mineral Oil Free ink available
  • UV inks for instant LED curing
  • Various colours


  • 90-260 VAC to 24VDC power supply included

Build to last

Carbon fibre construction and a solid component

group means it will be yours for years to come

build to last

Discover the FX ONE range

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Shared Technology

The FX ONE Printers are built in a modular way using very few components.

FX ONE parts are 100% interchangeable, being used in similar machines and similar models.

The only difference between the models is the location of the print head. The FX ONE Standard has the print head incorporated in the control unit and the FX ONE Remote & FX ONE Plus have a remote print head connected to the control unit with a flexible conduit.

shared technology
FX ONE Standard

FX ONE Standard

The smart solution for high

resolution package printing

High resolution printing directly onto cartons, trays

and sacks on a production line to eliminate the need

for costly pre-printed packaging or expensive labels.

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The smart way to save

on label printing

Large character printer up to 72mm print height.

The perfect alternative to expensive, complex

and limited labelling systems.


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Lowest Ink usage on the market

Stop spending a fortune on ink cartridges & maintenance contract!

Foenix printers deliver the industry's lowest running costs & lowest cost per print

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