Programming without training: control your printer with just a touch through our smart FX Touch Controller.
We paid a lot of attention to the user interface design of the FX APP to simplify the workflow of your daily projects.
The FX APP running on the FX Touch Controller is also available as a PC software so you can control your printer from any computer.

FX ONE TOUCH controller FX ONE TOUCH controller


The ultimate tool to always have your production in control and reduce your costs.
Foenix FX APP enables you to design messages in record time through its user friendly interface.

Simple interactive windows programming

Unlimited message storage

Ink saver print mode

Uses True Type font & Unicode

Imports JPEG & BMP logos

Multi language support

Fx App: Click & Print

Reliable printing in one click

Optimize Your Printing Processes with FX APP

Software integration to fit your workflow

FX ONE TOUCH controller front and side view FX ONE TOUCH controller front and side view FX ONE TOUCH controller front and side view



  • Compatible with Windows XP and above
  • Intuitive icon led message creation
  • True Type Font and Unicode supported
  • Graphics, logos & barcodes directly imported in JPEG and BMP format
  • Time and multiple date formats
  • Ink saver print mode
  • Unlimited message storage
  • Multi language support

Foenix Coding Ltd continously Improves products and software. Specifications are subject to change.



  • 7” Touch Screen
  • Simple interactive windows programming
  • Uses FX App


  • USB-A, USB-B, RS232, RS485 Multi port, Ethernet (Optional)
  • 24 v DC input
  • Support external alarms, beacons, encoders
  • Auto programming with barcode reader
FX ONE TOUCH controller

Touchscreen interface that simplifies every action with the FX APP. Easy setup and navigation remove the need for training and delivers a hassle-free, intuitive printing experience.

Multi-language support

Software translated in 19 languages and you can print in any languange

Keep your costs down

Easily control your cost per print and the numbers of print per cartridge.
It has never been easier to keep your costs down!

Networking & Integration

The FX APP gives full integration capability for networking printers, accessing databases, creating messages off line, connecting to industrial scanners, bar code readers, verifiers and other production equipment.


Advanced printer management.
Maximize uptime by managing production across multiple Foenix printers from one place. Monitor progress, track fault and gain insights with print analytics.

Preventing user errors in print settings

No more errors, thanks to the automatic configuration of print settings through the handheld reader. Barcode scanner can be used to select a message to print, or to populate fields in a message by scanning corresponding barcodes. Less manual intervention means fewer coding mistakes.

Foenix firmware

Printers that get even better over time.
Make your FX ONE printer even more capable with performance enhancements and added functionality in every firmware update.

Full Integration With Our DLL

What is a DLL?

A DLL (Dynamic Link Library) is a set of software functions that can be used by a third party developer to incorporate into their own applications. The Foenix DLL described here provides a set of functions that allows a FX ONE printer to be controlled via the FXPro application or Foenix Touch Controller. The library makes the communication process to the printer much simpler for the developer as it takes care of the actual protocol used. The developer then uses a relatively simple mechanism to montior printers, load messages and transmit data.

How Does a DLL Work?

The DLL is used by the customers to communicate with the printer. The diagram below gives a basic overview showing how the DLL sits between the application and printer.

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