Print in High resolution directly onto cartons, trays and sacks on a production line to eliminate the need for costly pre-printed packaging or expensive labels.

FX ONE printer and TOUCH controller


High Resolution Coding & Marking

1 to 8 lines of print, with 2-18mm print height.

Pc Connectivity

Via USB cable or Ethernet for direct message creation or factory network system.

Graphics, Logos & Barcodes

Easily import JPEG & BMP graphics using FX App.

Simple Screen & Keyboard

For local control of printer speed and direction, and message delay.

Out of the Box Installation

With minimal components for maximum reliability.

1D & 2D Barcodes

High resolution printing of 1D and 2D barcodes (QR Codes – data matrix) to include variable data.

2 Years Warranty

Extend it for one, two or three more years

Touch Controller

Simple interactive windows programming with FX App. Reliable printing in one click.


Manage multiple printers from one place. Monitor progress, track faults and gain insights with print analytics.

True Type Font & Unicode

Enables message creation in any font and in any language

Large Oil Based Ink Catridge

Low cost coding and clean inking system, ideal for printing on to porous surfaces.

Multi Port Connection

For encoders, external alarms and alternative product detection devices.

Ink Saver Mode

Reduce ink consumption by up to 75%


FX ONE standard printer side view
FX ONE standard printer front view


  • Prints in any orientation
  • 1 to 8 lines of print
  • 2mm- 18mm total print height
  • High resolution peizo print head
  • Prints text, graphics, logos and barcodes
  • Prints time and multiple date formats
  • Continuous repeat print capability
  • 100m/min print speed (50m/min for barcode and 2mm text)
  • Single start/stop print button
  • Visual alarm indicator including ink low
  • Message width, delay and print direction control
  • Product detection photocell
  • Weight 1.7 Kg (excluding ink catridge and brackets)
  • Size 242 x 178 x 90mm


  • RS232 and RS485 for Sauven Touch controller
  • USB-A memory stick included
  • USB-B for cable connection
  • Ethernet (optional)
  • Prints text, graphics, logos and barcodes
  • I/O port for encoder, alarm beacon and external photocells


  • Sealed replaceable ink catridge (up to 15 million characters)
  • oil based inks for porous surfaces
  • UV inks for instant LED curing
  • Various colours


  • 90-260 VAC to 24VDC power supply included

Reliable, Powerful, Versatile

No costly maintenance contracts

Foenix printers are manufactured with minimal components to give maximum reliability. No pumps, no valves, no compressed air, no droplet charging and no air filters means low maintenance.

Lowest cost per print

The piezo technology used in the FX ONE printer only needs a single sealed ink cartridge and does not require additional make-up solvent. This substantially reduces operating costs.

Consistent print performance

FX ONE printers are printing in High Resolution. You can print logo, 1D and 2D barcodes, variables...

Proven technology

Uses a Xaar high resolution print head whose technology has already been proven with many thousands of printers successfully sold worldwide.

System integration

Integrate to a factory network system or connect to industrial scanners, encoders, check weighers or other equipment as required.

100% uptime 0% downtime

Print 24x7: Never stop printing even when you’re changing cartridge!

Operator confidence

Easy installation, message editing and programming & easy maintenance.

Production Versatility

The compact and innovative industrial design of the FX ONE facilitates moving the printer to different locations in minutes. Just unplug it and move it. It works seamlessly with its large touchscreen, and all the printing operations can be controlled easily. Just hit the print button and start printing on anything.

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